Online Memorabilia
Click on the links below to view items of Blitzstein memorabilia from the archive of Irma and Mordecai Bauman.

Concert, New York
December 1st, 1935
Concert, New York
April 15th, 1936
New Masses Concert
February 6th, 1938
Hanns Eisler Concert
February 27th, 1938
American Music Festival
May 8th, 1940
Stars For China Today
November 8th, 1941
Earl Robinson Concert
November 29th, 1941
Concert, Severance Hall
January 18th, 1948
January 1948
Concert, Tanglewood
July 25th, 1958
Memorial Concert
April 19th, 1964
80th Birthday Celebration
April 28th, 1985
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