REGINA (1946-48)
Opera in three acts
Libretto by the composer from Lillian Hellman's play 'The Little Foxes'
First Performance

First Performance : Shubert Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut, October 6, 1949
First Performance in 'operatic' scoring : New York City Center, 1953
First Perfomance of restored version: Scottish Opera, Glasgow, May 1991

  "Of course you may do it if you really wish to, but I don't know how you can add anything to the Hubbards that will make them any more unpleasant than they are already."
  Lillian Hellman's response to Blitzstein's suggestion that he make an opera of "The Little Foxes"

Regina Giddens Soprano
Alexandra Giddens (Zan), her daughter Soprano
Birdie Hubbard, Oscar's wife Soprano
Addie, Regina's house- keeper Contralto
Horace Giddens, Regina's husband Bass
Benjamin Hubbard, Regina's elder brother Baritone
Oscar Hubbard, Regina's younger brother Baritone
Leo Hubbard, Birdie & Oscar's son Tenor
Cal, Regina's house man Baritone
William Marshall, a business man from the North Tenor
Jabez, trumpeter in the Angel Band Baritone
John Bagtry, an old flame of Regina's Silent
Belle Silent
The Angel Band  
A Chamber trio