Marc Blitzstein in his own voice...
In February 1956, Blitzstein was approached by Arthur Luce Klein of Spoken Arts recordings to put together an entire album of his music interspersed with spoken introductions by the composer. It was to be the first in a series of such releases by the company.
Blitzstein's initial list was a trifle over-enthusiastic, including numbers from almost all of his stage works as well as excerpts from the Piano Sonata, the Serenade, the Piano Concerto and many others. Reality, in the form of available disc space intervened, and the list was finally reduced to a selection of songs from just three of his stage works: The Cradle Will Rock, No For An Answer, and Regina. The recording took place in New York in May 1956.

The record appeared under the title MARC BLITZSTEIN DISCUSSES HIS THEATRE COMPOSITIONS, on the Westminster SPOKEN ARTS label, No. 717. The performers were Evelyn Lear (her recording debut), Roddy McDowell, Alvin Epstein, Jane Connell, Joshua Shelley, George Gaynes, and Brenda Lewis, all accompanied by Blitzstein at the piano. The songs performed were as follows:

Nickel Under the Foot (The Cradle Will Rock) Evelyn Lear
The Hotel Lobby (The Cradle Will Rock) Roddy McDowell, Alvin Epstein, Jane Connell
Penny Candy (No For An Answer) Joshua Shelley
Francie (No For An Answer) George Gaynes, Evelyn Lear
Birdie's Aria (Regina) Brenda Lewis